Credit: Brian Wolf

 What is the Graduate Biology Mentorship Association?

The Graduate Biology Mentorship Association was founded in April 2013 with a mission to link graduate and undergraduate education.  The Graduate Biology Mentorship Association has graduate and senior undergraduate mentors that can provide all science students with an invaluable resource of information as mentors. For things like deciding between majors, graduate school, medical school, pharmacy school, academic and industry jobs; we all would love to help the students and share in our experiences. Many of the graduate mentors have completed their undergraduate degrees here at UC Santa Barbara and look forward to giving back.

What Do Our Mentors Do?

Designed to be high impact and low time commitment for all participating members, the GBMA focuses on giving back to the younger students primarily by providing mentorship and holding seminars throughout the school year. Mentors are experienced in a variety of scientific disciplines and work settings both within and outside of academia; it's this diversity of experiences we draw on to help younger students achieve their goals. As a mentoring group, we aim to support and encourage each mentee we interact with to develop a career that maximizes their skills and potential. We aim to offer wisdom, knowledge, experience, constructive criticism, connections, and resources that can help students focus on their overall career direction rather than getting bogged down in day-to-day concerns.

Want to Become a Mentor?

Interested in becoming a mentor? Already a mentor, but would love to recruit some of your amazing friends? It's easy! Please email Caroline Ackley ( short paragraph explaining why you would want to be a mentor, what you believe you can bring to the group, and attach a copy of your most recent resume.

 Contact GBMA

Please contact current members of our Executive Board regarding additional inquiries.